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Every year, Street Grace speaks to thousands of people about Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST), ranging from students, educators, and concerned citizens to government workers and corporations.

Street Grace’s educational presentations teach people to recognize warning signs of child sexual abuse and exploitation, report suspicious activity and get them involved in the cause. Street Grace is committed to training all Georgia city employees and any other interested organizations, churches, corporations or individuals on DMST.

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Youth Curriculum

In order to positively impact the next generation’s view of healthy sexual relationships and protect them from predators seeking to sexually exploit them, Street Grace has developed comprehensive curriculum and trainings covering many topics that parents, schools and youth groups do not generally feel comfortable discussing. Examples: sex trafficking, pornography, internet/phone safety, safe boundaries and what to do if you suspect a friend is in trouble.

The Candy Shop

The Candy Shop is an original film written and produced for Street Grace that exposes the realities of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking in a way that is both accessible and non-graphic. This 30-minute educational film uses the metaphor of a candy shop, where “girls go in and candy comes out,” to explore the vulnerabilities affecting America’s children, as well as the societal factors that put them at risk of trafficking and keep the cycle of exploitation turning.

Mandated Reporter Videos

In all states, adults who work with children or come into regular contact with children are known as ‘Mandated Reporters’ and are legally obligated to follow strict reporting protocols when they reasonably suspect abuse. Street Grace has acquired the subject matter expertise and production capabilities to develop a resource video that is specific to your brand that will effectively train your organization’s mandated reporters to help recognize and report potential child abuse victims.

Demand an End City Training

Demand an End is a fully developed, comprehensive campaign, available to cities, to create awareness and education regarding the issues and solutions to end sex trafficking by addressing the Demand.

Need Help Now?

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