Local partners join forces to double down on efforts aimed at fighting against commercial sexual exploitation of children

ATLANTA – Dec. 7, 2020 – Street Grace, a faith-based organization with the mission to eradicate Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) throughout the U.S. and Georgia Cares, a nonprofit working to serve child sex trafficking victims across the state of Georgia have announced the two organizations will merge. Services previously offered by Georgia Cares will continue to be provided through Street Grace.

Street Grace and Georgia Cares are the premier organizations in Georgia that exist to fight and demand an end to CSEC.

“This merger will create the leading organization in the state with the most knowledgeable team of experts at the helm of their child advocacy efforts to both support victims of CSEC and demand an end to the horrific and illegal sex industry,” said Millard Choate, chairman of the board for Street Grace and CEO of Choate Construction Company.

According to Street Grace President|CEO, Bob Rodgers, the merger of the two organizations will allow essential work against CSEC to continue happening in the most cost-effective way with more dollars going toward programming to positively impact the largest number of children.

“We are constantly striving to broaden our impact and create efficiencies that allow us to put the most resources towards those whom we serve,” said Rodgers. “Over the past decade, Street Grace has expanded our presence significantly, and we actively continue mobilizing community involvement to fight CSEC and drive awareness through training, providing resources and education, particularly about the demand.”

Headquartered in Atlanta, Street Grace was founded in 2009 by leaders of Atlanta’s faith community in response to the rising presence of CSEC in the city. Since then, the organization has made encouraging progress with a growing network of more than 100 churches, 75 community partners and more than 2,500 volunteers and an expanded presence in Texas, Tennessee and California.

Georgia Cares was created as an initiative of the Governor’s Office for Children and Families in 2009. In 2013, Georgia Cares became a 501(c)(3) entity in an effort to grow in their capacity to serve victims through a public-private partnership and serve child sex trafficking victims across Georgia. 

“Our direct support and care to young survivors will continue, in the most cost-effective way, with more dollars going toward programming to positively impact children,” said Dr. Thomas Stewart, chairman of the board for Georgia Cares. “Our statewide, 24-hour hotline 1-844-8GA-DMST (3678) will continue to provide support.”

All previous assets, resources and donations to Georgia Cares will continue to support victims of CSEC through the expanded efforts of Street Grace. The organizations have already begun a seamless transition of care coordination so that over the next 30 days there will be no downtime.

“We believe child sex trafficking can be eradicated,” concluded Rodgers. “Our journey to help children remains steadfast and stronger than ever. Together, with support from the community, we will continue this critical work until there is an end to CSEC.”

About Street Grace

Street Grace is a faith-based organization that utilizes evidence-based demand reduction strategies to eradicate the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) through prevention, protection, policy and pursuit. CSEC is sexual activity with a child in exchange for something of value given to the child or a third person. Learn more at streetgrace.org.