Street Grace


There is no single solution to demanding an end to the sexual exploitation of children, but we believe if we all contribute to the fight, we can eradicate this evil industry. We’ve designed the following initiatives to help mobilize communities and resources – financial, human and material – to help create a web of protection and advocacy.

Prevention & Protection

Demand An End Training

This initiative trains cities, municipalities, government personnel, and business sectors to recognize and report suspected cases of sex trafficking. We also equip law enforcement officers with the knowledge needed to arrest and aggressively prosecute purchasers and traffickers.

Faith Outreach

Through education and training we increase awareness of sexual exploitation within the faith community. In partnership with Street Grace, faith partners receive an increased volunteer network, safer communities, protected youth, and a sustainable organization.

Youth Education Initiative

This initiative stops the cycle of CSEC by arming youth with the knowledge needed to protect themselves and their peers from falling victim to the tactics used by those seeking to exploit them.


Transaction Intercept

TI measurably disrupts transactions before they occur through the use of an award-winning artificial intelligence chatbot. By posting decoy ads on websites where trafficking frequently takes place, the program disrupts tens of thousands of calls and texts.


Policy Initiatives

Street Grace’s policy work provides state, local and national governmental leaders with the tools to pass legislation that will combat human trafficking. We assist in drafting legislation and provide training for officials and governmental employees.

Street Teams

Help stop the cycle of CSEC by directly reaching out to those living in motels or apartments in high-risk areas and known trafficking locations to show love, hope, and provide resources through local churches.

Law Enforcement Training

As first-responders it is imperative that our offers are trained to properly identify and treat potential victims of sexual exploitation. These trainings ensure that a victim-centered approach is used from the very start and that perpetrators are prosecuted properly.

Anti-sex Trafficking Lobby Day

Lobby Day unites churches, businesses, community members and nonprofits all with the common goal of advocating for legislation that protects survivors of sex trafficking and targets the demand for the Underground Commercial Sex Economy (UCSE).

Additional Programming

Suburban Horror Story

Our Suburban Horror Story project educates people on how to identify and help prevent sex trafficking. Through an immersive theatrical experience, visitors get a taste of what this illegal industry entails, and what victims endure.

The Candy Shop

The Candy Shop is an original film written and produced for Street Grace to expose the realities of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking in a way that is both accessible and non-graphic.

Need Help Now?

If you are being exploited, or know someone who is, please call now.