There is no single solution to demanding an end to the sexual exploitation of children, but we believe if we all contribute to the fight, we can eradicate this evil industry. We’ve designed the following initiatives to help mobilize communities and resources – financial, human and material – to help create a web of protection and advocacy.

Legislative initiatives

Street Grace’s legislative seasons work with legislators and lawmakers to increase punishments for traffickers/buyers while aiding the rehabilitation of survivors. 

Youth Initiatives

Equipping middle school and high school youth with knowledge, resources and confidence to protect themselves and their friends from becoming ensnared in any form of sexual exploitation.

Transaction Intercept

Eroding the notion of “anonymity” for those who are “buyers” of sex. This is quite possibly the single greatest weapon in reducing the DMST / CSEC demand in the marketplace.

Street Teams

Our volunteer boots on the ground –from prayer teams to community advocates to social media teams – raising awareness, tabling and training, praying for victims and more.

Community Awareness

We work throughout the community to help drive awareness through training, resources and education, putting tools in the hands of those who can make a difference.

The Candy Shop

The Candy Shop is an original film written and produced for Street Grace to expose the realities of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking in a way that is both accessible and non-graphic.

Anti-Sex Trafficking
Lobby Day

Uniting the community to advocate for legislation that assists/protects survivors, deters/penalizes buyers or traffickers and targets the demand for the Underground Commercial Sex Economy.


Our Suburban Horror Story project educates people on how to identify and help prevent sex trafficking. Through an immersive theatrical experience, visitors get a taste of what this illegal industry entails, and what victims endure.

Need Help Now?

If you are a victim, or know someone who is, please call now.