mandated reporter training video

It is widely accepted by child welfare experts that for every incident of child abuse or neglect that’s reported, an estimated two incidents go unreported. It is believed that less than 10% of those victimized by child sexual abuse will ever tell anyone of their abuse (Townsend Rheingold, AA 2013).

It is imperative that adults who work with children are appropriately trained to recognize and report incidents of child abuse and neglect. In all states, adults who work with children or come into regular contact with children are known as ‘Mandated Reporters’ and are legally obligated to follow strict reporting protocols when they reasonably suspect abuse. This is why Street
Grace has acquired the subject matter expertise and production capabilities to develop a resource video that is specific to your brand that will effectively train your organization’s mandated reporters to help recognize and report potential child abuse victims.

The new mandated reporter video is part of our required Compliance Training. The feedback has been tremendously positive!! Staff have said that the video is engaging, informative, and much more relevant than any previous trainings. I believe this new video provided a deeper understanding of the challenges and issues our children face.”
— Dianne Thompson, Ed.S., Director, Office of Advisement & Counseling, Gwinnett County (Georgia) Public Schools

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