1. Does your state have laws in place to protect children from DMST?
  2. Has your state signed on to be a Demand an End state?
    • No
  3. Does your state have a statewide task force against DMST?
  4. Has your state developed a statewide PSA?
  5. Does your state have Mandated Reporter training available for school systems, community, and civic organizations? 
  6. Does your state have statewide DMST-specific training for municipalities and local law enforcement?
    • No
  7. Does your state have DMST-specific training for medical professionals?
    • No
  8. Does your state have DMST-specific training for corporations?
    • No
  9. Does your state have a protocol to engage the faith-based community in your state to keep children safe?

If your state has not yet engaged in Demand an End, or you feel there are areas where the state needs to get more involved, click here to print out a formatted letter to share your concerns with the Attorney General's office.