South Carolina HUMAN TRAFFICKING laws

SC Code § 16-3-2010
Definitions including forced labor, sex trafficking, and trafficking in persons

SC Code § 16-3-2020
Trafficking in persons; penalties and defenses

SC Code § 16-3-2030
Criminal liability of principal owners of business; loss of profits and government contracts; penalties

SC Code § 16-3-2040
Restitution for victims of trafficking

SC Code § 16-3-2050
Interagency task force established to develop and implement State Plan for Prevention of Trafficking in Persons; members; responsibilities; grants

SC Code § 16-3-2060
Civil action for victim of trafficking; statute of limitations

SC Code § 16-3-2070
Compensation for victims of trafficking; identity of victim and victim's family confidential

SC Code § 16-3-2080
Unlawful disclosure; trespassing notice; unlawful entrance or presence on grounds of domestic violence or trafficking shelter; exceptions; penalties

SC Code § 16-3-2090