From Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens:

Today, adults and children are being bought and sold for sex in the United States. This is not isolated to any geographical location, race, or socioeconomic class, nor is this a new problem. Sex trafficking has existed in our country for generations, and it is time to take necessary steps to protect victims from buyers who purchase sex illegally and traffickers who sell people for sex. It is also time to hold these perpetrators accountable for their heinous crimes. 

For these reasons, my office created the nationwide 'Not Buying It' initiative. The goal for the initiative is to create a forum for all 50 states to collaborate and develop strategies that finally put an end to sex trafficking in our country.

Thank you for your commitment to eradicating modern day slavery. Please do not hesitate to reach out to my office or the offices of Street Grace, Inc. if there is any way we can help you in this process.



Sam Olens
Attorney General, Georgia


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