LECRAE, Grammy-Award-Winning Rap Artist 
As popular culture increasingly waves the banner of hedonism, the odds of a rapper who speaks of monogamy, contentment, and faith making his mark in mainstream Hip Hop seem slim. Yet, with several notable media appearances, chart-topping albums, along with a critically acclaimed mixtape and Grammy award to his credit, Lecrae has found himself on that narrow road while remaining true to his background and his worldview. 

MONTE STARKES, Pastor of Discipleship and Global Outreach, Perimeter Church, Johns Creek, GA
Monte believes our Heavenly Father has Biblically called and commanded earthly fathers to equip the next generation, especially their sons, so that His Name will be glorified. For more information, and to purchase Monte's book, Expedition: Fathers Discipling their sons, check out the RESOURCE section below. 

JEFF KNAPP, Founder & President, IRON & FIRE Ministries
President and Founder of IRON and FIRE Ministries, Jeff has been serving as a mentor and disciple maker of young men for over a decade. Jeff has a passion to walk along side young men through the warfare of young adulthood. IRON and FIRE is forging the next generation of fathers.



Expedition: Fathers Discipling Their Sons, by Monte Starkes 
Monte wrote his doctoral dissertation on why and how fathers can lovingly, graciously, intentionally and Biblically train their sons to become godly men. His 28-lesson curriculum, Expedition: Fathers Discipling their Sons, assists fathers in equipping their sons to live as followers of Jesus. This Expedition includes how to have a personal relationship with Jesus, what is godly manhood and leadership, how to honor women and Biblically approach dating and pornography, their life-long need for grace-centered accountability in their lives, and more. It is best used for ages 12-14, but can be used with any teenage son.

Better Dads, Stronger Sons by Rick Johnson 
The relationship between a father and a son is like none other. Dads have a God-given role to protect and provide for their families, always striving to teach their sons the life skills they'll need to grow into honorable men. But many dads struggle with feelings of inadequacy regarding their fathering abilities. They want to be better dads. Rick Johnson can show them how. In this insightful and practical book, Johnson shows how fathers can be equipped and inspired to be positive role models for their sons... Click on the link above to purchase this book from Amazon.com.

The Power of a Man by Rick Johnson 
In a culture where men are often confused about their identities, Rick Johnson wants to clarify the confusion. His latest book equips men to be the powerful and influential men God created them to be, as husbands, fathers and world changers... Click the link above to purchase this book from Amazon.com.

Mentor Like Jesus by Regi Campbell 
More time, spent with fewer people, equals greater kingdom impact. Desiring to see God widely embraced as more than a remote concept, entrepreneur Regi Campbell began a deeply successful mentoring program years ago that has become one of his greatest joys. Though it seemed radical at first - spending more time with less people to further an all important message - he soon realized this is the discipleship model Jesus set out during his ministry; today two billion people worldwide embrace the wisdom entrusted to a small band of disciples two thousand years ago. Mentor Like Jesus is Campbell's revelation of what he now calls "next generation mentoring," an exponentially rewarding process that is resulting in "lives changed, marriages saved, children dealt with in a more loving way." Click the link above to purchase this book from Amazon.com.

Iron & Fire Ministries 
It's well-documented that counterfeit masculinity is crippling our society. Bravado is masquerading as strength and the allure of conquest has over-shadowed love of justice. Like any negative cycle, it must not only be broken, but replaced. And we believe that change starts from within. Changing the world starts with changing communities. Communities are shaped by the character and perspective of their families. And families are largely affected by the character and perspective of fathers. Through mentorship and brotherhood, we're forging the next generation of fathers - tackling tough issues like forgiveness and insecurity, identity and discipline - so that our young men will be able to pass these biblical principles down to their own sons in a few short years. Choose to invest in the fathers of tomorrow by supporting IRON & FIRE today.

The Other Side of Anger: A Son's Search for Peace by Jack Perry, Jr. 
No man or woman should ever live in fear of another human being; nobody has the right to convoke you that you are less than what your heart, spirit and inner voice has programmed you to be in this universe. Everyone who reads this book will walk away different, for the better. Jack Perry, Jr., a former police officer, military pilot and business leader, has written in his own words and personal style a hard-hitting book about his last conversations with his father, before his father passed away.