Fathers Against Child Exploitation (FACE)

Street Grace knows that perpetrators of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking are predominantly male. Therefore, Street Grace has formed an initiative that specifically mobilizes men to take action. The purpose of Fathers Against Child Exploitation (FACE) is to create a generational shift that empowers men of all ages to stand up and protect those most affected by DMST.

As a first step, we are asking men to sign the FACE Pledge below. After you sign the FACE Pledge you will be asked to join Street Grace to take advantage of other opportunities to help fight Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking. No pressure. Sign up now, later or not at all. Your information will not be used outside of our organization and we will never share your information with anyone. 

To learn more about the issue, find help for addiction issues, or learn about raising up the next generation of protectors, make sure to check out the videos and links in the blocks below.


With the understanding that it is predominantly men who buy and sell children as it pertains to domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST), we acknowledge that we are a critical part of the solution. As men, we are taking a stand to protect vulnerable children and to empower others with a standard that respects women and ourselves.
  1. WALK IN INTEGRITY by not purchasing sex.
  2. EXHIBIT COURAGE by raising awareness, speaking out against DMST and reversing today's distorted perception of sex.
  3. LEAVE A LEGACY by mentoring the next generation to walk in integrity and exhibit the courage to eradicate DMST entirely.
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