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The following resources can be used in classrooms and other school settings to  address Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking in a safe and non-threatening manner with staff and students. 

The Kid Trapper

Paperback, grades two to six. This book addresses the most often misunderstood piece in the puzzle of the sexual victimization of children, and that is acquaintance molestation. In a non-offensive manner, it takes the extremely sensitive issue of child-molestation and presents it in a way that gives the victim power and strength. Can be used to teach children and adults to recognize and prevent traps set by acquaintance molesters. It can also be used as a diagnostic and therapy tool helping to relieve blame and guilt for both child and parent. Paperback, 32 pages. Available for purchase at


the candy shop

DVD - Ages 13+ The CandyShop is an original film initiative written and produced for Street Grace to raise awareness about Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking in a way that is both accessible and non-graphic. This 30-minute film uses the metaphor of a candy shop where “girls go in, and candy comes out,” to explore the vulnerabilities affecting America’s children, as well as the societal factors that put them at risk of exploitation and keep the cycle of exploitation turning. To find out more about presenting The Candy Shop to your group, please contact to request a speaker.



Paperback, Young Adult. Monica McGurk has worked with activists who are working to end DMST and educators who would like to take that fight into the classroom to design a curriculum that links the reading of Dark Hope to Common Core Standards and presents a nonthreatening way to teach kids about the risk factors, warning signs, and dangers of trafficking. The fact that the curriculum is tied to a book in a popular Young Adult genre—paranormal fiction—will only further motivate classes to dig right in! Available for purchase at


Darkness 2 light 

D2L In-House Training Stewards of Children is a prevention training program that teaches adults how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. The program is designed for organizations that serve youth and for individuals concerned about the safety of children. It is the only nationally distributed evidence based program proven to increase knowledge, improve attitudes, and change child protective behaviors. To schedule a training at your facility for 10 or more people, contact Steve Collins at

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