Demand an End launched in 2015 as an inclusive, nationwide campaign that exits under a single brand with the purpose of addressing the driving force behind DMST: Demand. This initiative facilitates communication among all states regarding solutions for effectively addressing demand. The program runs through each state's office of the Attorney General and provides Education, Awareness, and Action materials that are consistent with the national campaign and branded for each specific state.


To date, most nonprofit and legislative efforts primarily focus on awareness, rescue, and restoration; victim-centered strategies. These efforts are crucial and much needed, but there needs to be a more comprehensive approach. To effectively eradicate Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST), there must be a greater effort to address the demand that drives and perpetuates this multi-billion dollar industry. We must work together to stop perpetrators before they reach our youth, not after.

Sex trafficking is not composed of isolated markets operating independently of one another, but instead a network that crosses district and state lines. For this reason, it is crucial to have a single, nationally recognized initiative that unites legislators throughout the United States. That is why Demand an End was created. Sex trafficking is an evil, intricate business that generates billions of dollars per year and requires a strong, nationwide, legal force to stop it. Join us in the fight and let everyone know that your state is has decided to Demand an End. 

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