Community Advocates

Street Grace Community Advocates represent Street Grace in many different capacities ranging from conducting Street Grace trainings to tabling at events. Every year, Street Grace speaks to thousands of people about Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST), ranging from students, educators, and concerned citizens to government workers and corporations. Street Grace educational presentations train people to recognize warning signs of child sexual abuse and exploitation, report suspicious activity, and how to get involved. Community Advocates are crucial in helping us educate as many people as possible. All Advocates are responsible for upholding the Street Grace message and delivering accurate presentations on DMST. If you are passionate about educating others and want to use your speaking talents to make a positive difference then this is the opportunity for you.

How it works:

Street Grace is committed to training all Georgia city employees and any other interested organizations, churches, corporations or individuals on DMST. Street Grace schedules all trainings and events and will contact Community Advocates about upcoming trainings, event volunteer or tabling opportunities in their area. Upon accepting an assignment, you will receive information on the type of event, which program or training, expected number of attendees, and any information or materials you may need.


All Community Advocates must undergo the Street Grace Community Advocate training, complete a background check, and sign a Community Advocate Agreement before they are able to accept an assignment as an Advocate. The required training, thoroughly covers all of the Street Grace presentations and includes group discussions and opportunities to practice presenting. Upon successful completion of the Street Grace Community Advocate training, individuals will be issued a certificate to show that they are a certified Community Advocate. In addition, Community Advocates are required to take training on an on-going basis to ensure that they are current with all pertinent DMST information.