The Candy Shop

The Candy Shop is an original film initiative from Whitestone Motion Pictures, written and produced specifically for Street Grace to raise awareness about Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking in a way that is both accessible and non-graphic. Starring Doug Jones (Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy), this 30-minute film uses the metaphor of a candy shop where “girls go in, and candy comes out,” to explore the vulnerabilities affecting America’s children, as well as the societal factors that put them at risk of exploitation and keep the cycle of exploitation turning.

The Candy Shop film is enhanced significantly by Street Grace's Character Analysis Presentation. A representative of Street Grace will show the film to your group and facilitate a meaningful, fact-based discussion on the dangers and reality of DMST. Groups will also learn more about the opportunities that are available to become involved in the fight to end this injustice facing our communities. To find out more about presenting The Candy Shop to your group, please Request a Speaker

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