ARIZONA laws Addressing HUman Trafficking

ARS § 13-1308 
Trafficking of persons for forced labor or services; classification; definitions

ARS § 13-1307
Sex trafficking; classification; definitions

ARS § 13-3214
Prostitution; classification

ARS § 13-3212
Child prostitution; classification; increased punishment

ARS § 13-3552
Commercial sexual exploitation of a minor; classification

ARS § 13-705
Dangerous crimes against children; sentences; definitions

ARS § 13-3202
Procurement by false pretenses of person for purpose of prostitution; classification

ARS § 13-3203
Procuring or placing persons in house of prostitution; classification

ARS § 13-3204
Receiving earnings of prostitute; classification

ARS § 13-3205
Causing spouse to become prostitute; classification

ARS § 13-3206
Taking child for purpose of prostitution; classification

ARS § 13-3207
Detention of persons in house of prostitution for debt; classification

ARS § 13-3208
Keeping or residing in house of prostitution; employment in prostitution; classification

ARS § 13-3209
Pandering; methods; classification

ARS § 13-3210
Transporting persons for purpose of prostitution or other immoral purpose; classification; venue

ARS § 13-3821
Persons required to register; procedure; identification card; assessment; definitions

ARS § 13-706
Serious, violent or aggravated offenders; sentencing; life imprisonment; definitions

ARS § 13-701
Sentence of imprisonment for felony; presentence report; aggravating and mitigating factors; consecutive terms of imprisonment; definition

ARS § 13-715
Special sentencing provisions; human smuggling organization

ARS § 13-2301

ARS § 32-4260
Advertising requirements; civil penalty; definitions

ARS § 9-500.10
Escort and escort agency advertising requirements; civil penalty; definitions

ARS § 41-114
Human trafficking victim assistance fund; definition

ARS § 13-3620
Duty to report abuse, physical injury, neglect and denial or deprivation of medical or surgical care or nourishment of minors; medical records; exception; violation; classification; definitions

ARS § 41-1758.07
Level I fingerprint clearance cards; definitions

ARS § 41-1758.03
Fingerprint clearance cards; issuance; immunity